The Only Performance Brief With A Comfort Sack—Made Just for Yours

Sick of poorly designed briefs that never fit right?  

Tired of chaffing, sweat-rashes, and "re-adjusting" yourself all day?

The UNDERWARE performance brief with (patent-pending) soft-cup design envelops your man-parts in masculine bliss, for both freedom and support—never any "skin-on-skin contact with your legs! 

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Finally a Brief That Isolates & Supports Your Man-Parts!

Women get a bra for support — your man-fruit deserve the same support.  

Engineered from the ground up for the ultimate fit, UNDERWARE lets your man-grenades hang naturally with gentle support!   

No more chafing, no more sweat rashes, and no more leg-stickers—just unhindered performance.

Engineered for Comfort & Performance

We didn’t just try to “fix” the same old trashy boxer-briefs like other brands that still mash your man-parts.

We started from scratch in the design studio with your man-peaches on our mind. 

Out came the only anatomically designed "soft-cup" brief fully optimized for superior health, comfort, and performance.

The UNDERWARE "Soft-Cup" Advantage


Breathable (black) Mesh in crotch & Comfort-Sack Panels for Superior Wicking & Cooling


The only brief allowing you to "hang" as Mamma-nature intended. 


Isolating soft-cup keeps your dude-fruit  isolated from your inner thighs


"I am really impressed with the quality and the comfort, both in civilians and in my uniform. Additionally, I was curious how these would hold up during a 12-mile ruck.  The UNDERWARE not only survived the ruck-march but helped me not chafe which was a huge plus."

— Lt. Dustin L.


Everything Your Brief Needs For Everything You Do

- Natural “soft-cup” design keeps the boys put all day

- Breathable mesh in sack and crotch for superior cooling.

- Enhanced moisture wicking

- Durable but light tech fabric

- Low-rise waistband to fit a real “man-waste”

- Softer and robust waistband to prevent rolling and curling

- Discrete sport-fly for quick relief


"Free Your Manhood — free your life!"  

— sombodie wicked smaht


Aggravation Free Comfort All Day

- No more bunching and Wedging

- No More Chafing

- No more overheating and excessive sweating

- Absolutely no “skin-on-skin” contact with your legs—ever!

- A cooler, dryer, & healthier environment for your male components

What smart dudes are saying…

"I wasn't sure that I would like this underwear, but it turns out that I really, really do. At first they felt tight around my legs and hips, but I didn't notice it for the rest of the day. And they didn't bunch up at the tops of my legs when I sat down or moved around. They stayed put. Again, I just forgot about them as I went about my day. As for "the boys," they were totally fine just hanging out in their new home. Wearing them has made a believer out of me. 

— Bruce W.

"I do not know I am even wearing underwear."

— Mark S.

"This brand is fantastic!! Plenty of room for everything and sturdy no-rise leg. The waist band doesn't cut in and is soft to the touch even with the average man love-handles. At age 50, I finally found a ball friendly boxer brief that will breathe and keep things cool AND gives the desired  support while still allowing for a natural hang. Try them yourself. You won't regret it.

— David B.

"Best sack for your sack! Super comfortable and flexible. I have never had a more comfortable pair of underwear."

— Justin S.


"Love them they are smooth to the touch. Fit in all the right places... Keeps all the parts put when getting up and down in the gym.

— John I.

We are on a mission for masculine comfort—one “set” at a time!

UNDERWARE — We are the Lewis & Clarke of masculine comfort—the liberators of dude-parts everywhere! 

We think men don't get the love they deserve... especially when it comes to designing functional clothing. We are on a mission to change that. 

If you believe in this vision, join the revolution for updates and to lock-in your discount today!

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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!